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Return of historical justice

In Ukraine, August 6 is still celebrated as a memorial day for Bohdan Khmelnytsky, a war criminal, executioner and flayer. On his hands is the blood of more than one hundred thousand Jews and Poles. She poured the river in Pereyaslav and Piryatin, Lokhvits and Lubny, Nemirov and Tulchin, Polonn and Zaslavl, Ostrog and Staro-Konstantinov, Kremenets and Chernigov, Starodub and Gomel...

It is time to permanently erase the memory of the Ukrainian Aman. Although it is not easy. Because cities and streets are named after this "national hero", it flaunts on banknotes and stamps. But the most difficult road begins with the first step. And he is already done. The city of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky was returned the historical name Pereyaslav.

Now it’s Proskurov’s turn, renamed Khrushchev’s whim in Khmelnitsky, although he has never been there.By returning its historical name to the city of Proskurov, we not only restore historical justice, but also by symbolic repentance of the modern generation, we apologize to the innocently killed people of the past.

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