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We aim to strengthen cooperation for the protection of human rights and in effective opposition to international terrorism, all types of hatred to develop mutually beneficial relations in various fields of science, economy, and culture using the basic principles and tools of public diplomacy and the media.


With the help of the leaders of the Diasporas united in the assembly - It is possible not only to inform the world community, the parliaments, and governments of the metropolitan countries about the opinion of the Diasporas on various political decisions; but to also to jointly take important steps to counter aggression, genocide and to move forward towards ending military conflicts.


Therefore, the activities of the Assembly of the World Diasporas are aimed at providing an effective system of humanitarian aid to many countries and diasporas. We are lobbying on behalf of small diasporas with public influence for the adoption of important social, political, human rights, interethnic migration and other decisions in international organizations (UN, OSCE, Council and Parliament of Europe, etc.), governments and state parliaments. Constant contacts between the leaders of the Diasporas are of great importance for establishing cooperation and tolerant relations at the national (domestic) and international levels. Cooperation and coordination of the world Diasporas will contribute to proper and necessary humanitarian charitable assistance to those affected by hostilities and natural disasters. As a non-profit organization we have provided humanitarian, political and professional support to nations in need and will continue to put our hearts into our work.


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