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The modern world urgently needs to establish normal tolerant relations of cooperation and respect between countries and peoples, in which the use of methods and technologies of public diplomacy can play an important role. One of the traditional forms of communication and information exchange, which are the main signs of public diplomacy, has become international Tourism, where prominent cities play a special role, which, in addition to their history, are of great political and economic importance today. Their past and present arouse respect and interest among people in different countries of the world. Taking into account the importance and role of some cities both in world history and in the political and economic life of the modern world, the honorable mission of the Assembly of World Diasporas and the Citizen of the World Cities Corporation, registered and located in Illinois (USA), is to actively promote historical and cultural attractions, the international political and public image and significance of such cities, the steady growth of the tourism business, as well as the promotion of political, moral and financial support for these cities.


One of the tools to achieve this goal is the creation of the international public movement "Citizens of the cities of the world - for tolerance and cooperation", to join which we invite mayors of cities, heads of tourism organizations, community leaders. The main incentive for the implementation of this project is the introduction of the prestigious status (title) “Citizen of the city” (for example, “Citizen of Jerusalem”), established by the city halls of these cities and assigned to foreign guests of the city who came under this program. At the same time, tourists (guests) receive significant benefits and bonuses in this city, as well as honorary public diplomatic representative ranks and functions of the Ambassador, Messenger, Emissary, Consul, Attaché, for example, by culture, of the visited city, in the country or city of permanent residence.

The activities of the city's Messengers will be aimed at carrying out active informational, explanatory and promotional work related to the city in their communities, public and religious organizations, in the business community, as well as lobbying the interests of the visited city in the government of their cities and countries. This is especially impotent now, when many people strive to be involved in history, in modern diplomacy, in organizing and participating in significant new international events, in simple human communication. Please note that our program is about granting foreign citizens the status (title) of “Citizen of a city”, and not the state in which this city is located, which is not a legal violation and does not require a special state law or regulation - the decision of the city hall and / or the legislative assembly of the respective city is sufficient.


Currently, the start-up project has been prepared for implementation in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Baku, Tashkent, Riga, as well as in Paris and Singapore, with its subsequent development to the level of international franchising. We would be happy to invite city leaders, owners of tourism and logistics companies, public and religious organizations to become one of the founding partners of the start-up project and the international movement “Citizens of the cities of the world for tolerance and cooperation”. Cities unite the world!

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